Authentic holiday home in the Czech Republic


Is a WIFI connection to the internet available in the Statek?


Yes; a network through a stable fixed line is available in the Statek. Use of the network is included in the price.


Are pets allowed?


Yes; thanks to the fence in the back yard the Statek is ideal for dogs. Dogs can also roam freely in the forest behind the Statek. There is a surcharge on the weekly rent per pet.


How long is the drive?


If you drive from Holland through the north/east of Germany and then Poland the distance is around 800 km from the Dutch border. Obviously the time you need to cover that depends on your average speed and the number of stops you need. On your way you find no traffic jams because of large cities. On large stretches of the German highway there is no maximum speed limit. It takes us   around 7 hours from the Dutch border. It is also very convenient to combine your trip with a stay over in Berlin, Leipzig or Dresden.


Is everything available in the Czech Republic?


The Czech Republic is now a modern Western European country where everything you need is available, often at a price much lower than in the Netherlands. The Aldi supermarkets have set up a shop in Broumov, close to the Statek. In larger cities you will find hyper shops like Tesco or Castorama.  There are ATM’s available for your local Czech Kronas.


Is the price level still attractively low?


Yes, the cost of food, petrol, skipasses, restaurants etcetera is around 50% of the dutch price level, while there is no difference in quality or service. Some have their annual car overhaul done here by which earn the holiday expenses.


Can I communicate with the Czechs?


No problem, even if you do not master the Czech language or Russian.  All younger Czechs speak English, most also German.


How many can stay in the Statek?


In total there are nine beds, divided over three bedrooms. In each bedrooms the is a double bed. You need to bring you own linnen.


Is the Statek suitable for invalids?


The interior of the Statek has ample space to manouvre, with wide doorways. One entrance can be used with a wheelchair. The shower is of the walkin type. There are no special facilities.